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Man - the microcosm, which has in itself all the potentials of the macrocosm, and containing all available in the universe. All space channels are already present inside any of us from birth. Only in the \u0026quot;collapsed\u0026quot;, unmanifested state. Some people even themselves produce these channels - power frequency wave, related to space. Most often, unconsciously, it is not guessing about this. Accordingly, space channels are present in the manifest form, in the same space. A person may reasonably direct space frequency, but does not always have them feel adequate quantification of the presence of the cosmos; themselves by themselves, these energies have only the properties and purpose, but are not able to define themselves in space and time. Accordingly, the Man and the Cosmos, as a rule, need each other to realize their potentials. Initiation process starts out with this need - to the potential energy in the structure of a person joins an endless istchnik from space, forming single full-body with the will, intent and mind of man and the immensity of the Cosmos. The very process of initiation into the channels looks simple - you need to relax, focus on internal sensations, and through this state to take, to the cosmic flow. In terms of devoting ezoinzhinera, everything looks much more difficult - not revealing any details, except to say that my task is and the awakening of the potential forces of Cosmos in man, and carrying out most cosmic vibration particular to the structures of the human energy that can perceive it, forming a single unbroken body. 

                                                                        Anton Malinor.

28.12.2009 21:41 Article ID Vojvodina All the magic is the art of the settings on the external flow, and thus should be integrated, sophisticated, and creative nature. Activity of human body, health, efficiency and success of life, all this and more determined by the level of energy, which reflected the basic - the luminosity of the field. Working with external flows of energy - it\u0026#39;s not a myth, it is definitely an evolutionary step for man, for all that is available to him from the first moment of its appearance on earth. Shamanism - an ancient knowledge of the Earth, not lost its relevance even today. Powerful cults of antiquity and modern religions, is also basically are powerful external flows, which once again shows the primacy of external flows, even for any significant changes, not to mention purposeful evolution, and full-fledged spiritual growth. Current knowledge of the management of external flows and working with external information field based on the frequency principle, rather easy to understand and accessible to the majority. The bulk of control processes taking place in the subconscious. The first is the intensification of the frequency on the shells of aura. Given or deliberately as necessary through the key state-password, or mental images, or spontaneously - the energy comes from the field. Activating shells aura of reverse principle translates to this vibratory level of the major energy centers (chakras), and goes beyond the physical plane. Primary results to increase the level of active energy, libido and sexual attractiveness, health and mood. When working properly is raising an octave, the current frequency of the organism, which in turn leads to success in life and realization. Частоты - это особые эталонные состояния энергополя мгновенно связывающие человека со всеми вселенскими субстанциями этой частоты. This energy and information. This is the real way to expand consciousness and personal evolution. At one time these particular energy states have been selected, they got their names and application in the everyday world. The first direction-healing, the commercial over the past two decades, but this action has always been a byproduct. Based on the settings on the reference state is the perception of the world\u0026#39;s energy, so it is, grasp the magical nature of the world, real learning and real way, with no restrictions for the development and primeneniya.Chelovek becomes receptive being, and it becomes truly valuable to this world and Of course the people around him. Comes the force of gravity, new acquaintances, there is an opportunity to promote vpered.Lyubovnaya magic - a golden-horse energy work. After all, sex - is primarily a mutual exchange of energies, it is this fact important for sexual attraction. Here guarantee longevity of the couple, in the magical world is constantly changing, staying the same, and if the process of comprehension of the new run, something new will be every day, as followed by a noch.Osnovnye frequencies that can be used in love magic: 

Anael Anael - the frequency of love and privlekatelnosti.Eto applied frequency, it can be used in any situation, from business - contact with your audience, communicating with the boss and ending with proper loving contact, gaining acquaintance. Anael brings to the field of human dense glow, which positively affects the perception of other people and attracts people\u0026#39;s attention. Resonance is the fourth energy center (Anahata), increases the natural frequency of the energetic body, gives a sense of inner joy, prevent squabbles and scandals helps. 

Agni Agni - Men\u0026#39;s (heavenly) energy. Increases libido, relieves depression and fatigue. Akin to the energies of the higher astral plane, the male gods and deified heroes. Particularly useful in depressive states associated with an excess of female (earth) energy. 

Hum, Hum, MAMA, Mama - Women (earth) energy. Also relieves depression, but the overabundance of male energy, fills the lower energy centers. Removes the negative consequences of man-made environment, soothing. Akin to the female energy astral, goddesses. 

Agni-Agni-Hum hum - the simple technique of fusion energy is a mixture of Agni and Hume in the chest, filling the body-neutral energy. Orgasmic sensation akin to, but stronger. The development of tantric consciousness. 

GEKATTA Gekatta - female energy, trehgrudaya goddess. Resonates, breasts, chest, all gynecology. Prevention and prevention of all women bolezney.Energeticheskaya harmonization shape and size of the female breast. 

TOKA-TON Toka-Tone - Frequency superlyubvi. Bond is formed by cosmic energy, gives unforgettable experience, but may not last more than six months may not be the basis for the marital relationship and just a long novel. The connection is very strong, harmonious, obliterating the age and social boundaries. Unlike the rustic magic (love spell, etc.) the frequency does not violate the will of another person and therefore not punishable. Conversely, the discovery of these energies manifests the beauty of higher vision and allows it to touch the mysteries of ordinary people. It is always a lesson. 

MIDI Midi - information rate of the Earth. At our level defines up to 90% of all information, communications with an information field of the Earth, working with situational plan. One of the main frequencies in the set direction of implementation. In love magic is used for outreach. First and foremost, is the transfer of information on mental images recipient. In this case, runs an information field of the Earth, is a global substance, possessing a strong influence on the subconscious. Included is a magic matrix, is a situational manifestation. Especially strong is the impact of the presence of coupling. In practice, the addressee may obtain information from various sources, for example, \u0026quot;accidentally\u0026quot; stumble across an old photograph, or some reason to look in the phone book, some of your friends gives him the right information, can build any logical or situational chain, so goes the activation communication. Zest Midi in that the recipient does not feel the impact from works the whole field, and certainly not thinking about the customer. According to this principle, Midi great activate old contacts, strengthen new and works well on debt collection. In this case, Midi - frequency honest, never imposes someone else will, and it only works where there is a possibility of communication and expression. It should be understood that, going to work directly with the energies of our people leaves the space-time and goes to a reasonable matrix of the universe, superior capabilities of our intelligence on the orders. In this situation, the only thing that remains the man is to learn from the experience of his life, work and get results. Midi - this rate the world of nature spirits or shamanic world (- level 1). Full protection and assistance in the wild and in places of power.  

DO Do - frequency astral exit, which allows to make a fully informed way out of the astral body to our event-plan. Technique is complex and requires perseverance to master. Allows high accuracy to gather information, completely shifting the consciousness into the astral body. You can see what makes the beloved husband on a business trip, and you can travel to countless worlds. 

FREQUENCY OF OPERATIONS phantom frequency of phantom transactions - up in the air space of the shell energetic body, the first and most powerful. Phantom can learn to see, and he can perform some task. Typically used for healing at a distance, or a strong distance influence. For example, the phantom can easily drag a man in the right place. Described the energy - this is a small part of what can give the path of direct apprehension of reality. The main experience comes with the knowledge, if a person reveals his magic matrix and works with the space for the intention, then it becomes possible to all.  

Articles about Cosmoenergy good advice 28/12/2009 21:50 Good advice  how to protect themselves from the outside of evil. 

Cosmoenergy how to protect themselves from external negativity as a cleansing and deliverance from depression, aggression, disease, accidents, and many troubles. At the dedication of channels kosmoenergetiki you get self-defense force - it is very important because in many situations the reaction should be instant, and the solution of your choice correct. After the initiation into the channels kosmoenergetiki attending their working hours. Do not try to go through a lot, dedications, efficiency is not the number of channels, and work experience with them. Gradually, in devoting the necessary channels for you kosmoenergetiki, you gain power, and in the future are already experiencing their own abilities and capabilities with the multiplication of force. 

The constant use of channels kosmoenergetiki gives confidence in many decisions. For example, when traveling behind the wheel open the channel and the trip will be much safer. Do not forget the intuitive sense, if you frequently, something inside you tells you how to get out of a situation, listen and do not neglect. Intuition you will not fail, and will help in many ways to make the correct and right decision. To devote a channel, you accumulating it, that is, open it for yourself, for loved ones. There are rules that should not be neglected. The wording of the opening of the channel always remains the same. There are channels that are not compatible with each other, should not be open them together. Channels kosmoenergetiki recommended by the scheme. When making your negative deeds, then feeds kosmoenergetiki not open, do not blame this teacher, and think about their actions and correct the mistakes you made, to further the successful use of channels. Gradual initiation into the channels kosmoenergetiki, rather than all at once .


12/28/2009 22:10 Removal of damage by Cosmoenergy. Withdrawal-induced harm. | Healing | 

12/28/2009 22:10 Removal of damage by Cosmoenergy. Withdrawal-induced harm. | Healing | Damage - negative program, which destroys the human energy centers, made tselenopravlenno. Removing porchiobyazatelno, even such intuitive people who know exactly what and where to expect. And they can make a mistake, as under the influence of destructive programs forcibly made to them. When removing the damage, many patients will realize that someone is doing. Who tried to bring trouble on him, and what is the meaning of this negative program. For example: Envy women in the group, generates a tremendous hatred for those who have obtained a much more successful in promoting their ideas. Turning to the sorcerers, the customers do not understand what is subjected himself strong returns (negative returns of the program) has a big impact. Despite the damage that was done in this situation, we have been working on the removal of corruption - in death. 

A large number of evil eye on the action can be equated to the damage to his death. The purpose of the program damage to death - early withdrawal rights to another world. Damaging to death (along with a love spell), the most common form of magic. Removal of damage to death Actions damage to death manifested through accidents (accidents, injuries). The patient asked the us with the problem of pain throughout the body. \u0026quot;I have all the aches, no strength at all, I\u0026#39;m sitting at work and feeling that is about to lose consciousness. In the morning everything was fine, I can not understand what was happening, went to work, just for some minutes I\u0026#39;m getting worse and worse. \u0026quot; The patient has a high position and of its solution depends on many things, so also official promotion. But everyone knows that only healthy people can cope with the ruins of the work, negotiating, contracting and many other projects. The patient noticed as her subordinate, closely watching and trying to choose the moment for the public announcement, the fact that her boss is unable to perform his job that needs rest to raise forces, and she takes care of all affairs. 

Severe pain forced, yet leave the same day early from work. The patient felt that it was not easy, so come to us for advice, and standing on a cleansing session kosmoenergetiki she \u0026quot;saw\u0026quot; the denouement of all its ailments. Removal of damage of any kind (to the death, to health, a bad life, etc.) occurs on the sessions kosmoenergetiki. Duration of cleaning sessions depends on the energy pollution patient. The next day she returned to work with renewed vigor. The result: the removal of corruption took place during the passage of 9 sessions kosmoenergetiki (strong space protection is a wrapper around the human aura and protects it from exposure to various negative programs). During each session kosmoenergetiki, the patient is put powerful cosmic protection from negative influences. Removal of damage to health Damage to health-disease: A person begins something to hurt. He appealed for help to the doctors, the doctors either can not make a diagnosis, or put the wrong diagnosis. Hence the erroneous treatment and as a result of the problem remains unsolved. 

When removing the damage to health, patients quickly forget that recently suffered from headaches, or feelings about the upcoming surgery prescription. Many moments are resolved without surgical intervention. And by cleaning and filling the chakras cosmic energy. Removing the damaged lives of the poor in our practice, there are cases when patients do not tend to improve their lives. Constantly arguing with people close to them, very critical of the people and to himself, and generally behave in a way that they themselves alienate people from themselves. Friends flee, if possible, come up with any excuses just to postpone the appointment. When the diagnosis is revealed - a spell on a bad life when things are not as desirable. Removing damaged by a bad life - there and experience accumulated by the scheme stood at seances kosmoenergetiki patients more aware themselves that they are not doing the same, and that is inexplicable to them properly. Man when removing damage becomes much more good, is reconsidering its attitude towards other people and to themselves. Withdrawal of tribal corruption Methods kosmoenergetiki help in removing the generic damage, and any other adverse effects on humans, as well as deliverance from the effects of magic. 

Kin-corruption is a negative program, which includes more than one person, but several of his relatives. Withdrawal of tribal corruption, like any other damage occurs as a direct contact with the patient, and at a distance (by photography). Because, as it often happens that some relatives are far away, and in kosmoenergeta, distance does not matter, nor any value 



12/28/2009 21:54 Sessions Space Channels Sessions are held alternating courses of proximity to the contact. Sessions are conducted is not free. You should periodically do a photo of their aura as the beginning of treatment, and during its continuation. To get rid of miseries and misfortunes, the patient needs to work no less than to the healer. The entire session should stand with their eyes closed, listening to a calm and neutral music, uncrossed arms and legs and relaxed physical and mental condition, does not restrain himself any bodily or emotional - you can cry, dance, making various movements, if you\u0026#39;re rocking -wobble. The main full rasslablenie.Nekotorye patients \u0026quot;see\u0026quot; the different pictures, images, make a trip. Not all have any sense appear at the first session. Important: random or anything with anybody at seances kosmoenergetiki not happening, nor any \u0026quot;accidental\u0026quot; vision does not appear. 

Deliverance from witchcraft during a session may be accompanied by such feelings as: cold sweats fever nausea vomiting numbness, a sense of numbness tremor in the body \u0026quot;dreadful and terrible\u0026quot; vision of a pain in the stomach disorder headache dizziness chair yawning fainting or prolonged loss of consciousness matter how bad you do not was danger to life, and even more so for the health not only benefits but on the contrary. At the sessions due to the powerful impact of cosmic energy is the elimination of deterioration such as curses. Treatment with kosmoenergetiki disease occurs through the aggravation. At the session or after a diseased organ may receive a pain, even if you think long recovered from an old disease. Pain can occur in places of fractures, dislocations, operating scars. Standing on the session kosmoenergetiki, you gain strength. Improves the mood of many problems getting to you, are solvable. Conversations kosmoenergetiki help find my purpose in life, when the right choice - the desired result (real you) in promoting the development of spiritual growth you rethink your place in life and attitude toward the world and other people energetically cleaned of accumulated negative programs: aggression, fear, resentment during each session kosmoenergetiki, the patient is put powerful cosmic protection from negative influences (author\u0026#39;s methods.) 


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12/28/2009 22:05 Use Cosmoenergy. Treatment is carried out comprehensively in the process of treating the entire body healthier family relationships being established Removed known types of magic (any kind of damage, including damage to his death, evil eye, all kinds of curses, including generic) Getting rid of energy being practically Cure any disease has been successfully cured of migraine improves human life potential. improves mood solved health problems returning to normal personal life, positive changes occur in the workplace such as: career development implementation of projects to improve the material conditions Cosmoenergy - not frozen trend, with Every year its capabilities and capacities are expanding, going further achievements and development of existing energy-flows, and higher intelligence provides new, more powerful Space channels. Our lives, our health, our face, our figure, our success - is the fruit of our creations. Radiating joy, happiness, and we attract happiness, and vice versa. Do not forget to thank. Benefit-giving - it means giving the benefit. It all depends on the desire not stopping at the go ahead. When treating a patient by methods Cosmoenergy from any disease treatment is complex, heals the entire body, and along with the problem that the patient is asked 


© Antionis Hrizos

28.12.2009 23:08 Description and application of medical channels kosmoenergetiki. (Home) Cosmoenergy. Buddhist healing energy unit. (Description of frequencies and recommendations for treatment of common diseases) FARUN-Buddha Education kosmoenergetiki begins with the frequency of Farun-Buddha. It is the key to all the energies of Buddhist block, sometimes, if the unit has gained a well, simply open frequency Farun-Buddha, to follow it automatically open the necessary healing energy. Farun-Buddha is a very soft pleasant to feel the energy that fills the entire body color with your eyes closed - gold. With the initial vision of colors energies with open eyes can see as a golden color fills the aura of the patient. Beneficial universal energy, it can not cause harm, even a severely ill patient. Cure all diseases, but slowly saturates the pure energy. Frequency has healing properties that can effectively use it in the treatment of fresh burns and healing of ulcers of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Effective in the treatment of burns: the burn over the place to make compaction motion with his right hand. Despite the fact that a number of frequencies have in their arsenal of healing properties of digestive diseases, if the working frequency of ulcer Farun the Buddha with the laying on of hands locally at the place of pain, then we obtain a fixed-term cure of the disease -21 days (11 sessions a day). Frequency quickly removed from fainting, shock, and other similar states. In this case it is enough to pump up the frequency of the aura, putting his hands between the fourth and fifth chakras. If the patient is to give the frequency through the right hand between the fourth and fifth chakras. During a heart attack to give the frequency in the 4 th chakra. This frequency is universal, through her open up all the frequencies of Buddhist block, except for the frequency of Zeus. FIRAST use of this frequency spectrum is wide, it is used as the cleaning frequency at almost every session. Open all the problem areas and accumulations of negative energy can be used for diagnosis. After a session immediately or the next day of admission the patient himself would say, what and where he hurts. The principle of energy healing - do no harm here is not as important an accurate diagnosis, as in medicine, all the energy of Buddhist block work gently, but sometimes it can cause pain and is opening an old problem, which is due to the habits of people in pain to notice. Firast - the frequency with a wide spectrum, but it works more directed on the accumulation of stagnant areas of energy, as in the patient\u0026#39;s body, and in space, such as indoors. It is tougher than Farun-Buddha, and differs in color. Frequency is used for: launch of the chakras, the treatment of enuresis in children, dental pain, gingivitis, loss of hearing, thrombophlebitis, removal of external negative influences, cleaning apartments, offices and household items. Treatment enureza.Mokraya bed is not always associated with the disease, most often too lazy child. Therefore, you should agree with parents that they were once a night (you can in 12 hours, but always at the same time) pot, in this case finally woke him up. If a child sits on the potty sleepy, then he will release half of the bladder, the second half frees 20 minutes later, but already in bed. A session begins with the launch of the chakras with the first chakra must be pumped. Frequency Firast establishes a habit of getting up at night. Further, in a closed lotus flower between the fourth and fifth chakras siphon aura. Duration 40 min. After the swap rate Firast child, it can be let go, let him play, and you at this time continue to keep it on frequency. Thrombophlebitis always treated non-contact. In the treatment of sex contact, and the more contact, the clot can break away and get into the bloodstream. Non-invasive treatment, although more enduring, but safe. Toothache. Right hand put in place of pain. Burn rate Firast, pull method \u0026quot;a motor - well.\u0026quot; Repeat several times. If there is a flux, then leave a washing arc. In all cases, make the energy cuts. Incision is made with his right hand, it seems that from the middle finger is a burning ray, the ray makes an incision (make a cross, and at the intersection of mind, open petals). Further work frequency of Moonlight. Usually the pain is removed in one session, but if the pain is not gone, all repeated at the next session. The patient should be sent to the dentist, we remove the symptom (pain), and the tooth continues to decay, tooth, so you can lose. Hearing loss can occur after influenza or medical treatment. Impose hands over his ears and burn rate Firast. Formed with the \u0026quot;ashes\u0026quot; that must be pulled by \u0026quot;a motor - well\u0026quot; out of both ears. Add the energy arc. Firastom can work on all the authorities (to burn - to pull ash), thus there is a clean body from negative energy, ie its preparation for treatment with other frequencies. Removal of the negative impacts - are non-contact. When cleaning apartments and offices, if not blocked geopathic zones, the effect will be temporary. Cleaning things tovara.Esli thing were to take away her power of the former owner, over the thing to keep a hand and let the frequency. Just working frequency of the consecration of the subjects of Magick block. When a thing is clean, his hand is put aside. Craon, DZHILIUS This pair of complementary frequency to energy krovi.Vmeste open them does not make sense, they neutralize each other. When working with blood should be taken into account many factors, the work of organs - the liver, spleen, and kidneys. Work of blood, bone marrow. Condition of vessels and the heart. Status of blood plasma and the lymphatic system. Energy blood is directly related to the total energy, so it is necessary to keep the total energy, align the chakras and the shell. Here, the desired effect given the natural harmonious energy field strength, additional herbal, cleansing the liver and kidneys work with the structure of water. Craon - soft frequency Dzhilius - drums. Frequencies to work the same way. Treated with any blood diseases, including diabetes, jaundice. First working Craon (Session 5), we analyze the results. With little results, go to the frequency Dzhilius. Total energy. The lotus is open. Clean and treat the liver (filter the blood). When you work with the liver should not be given frequencies simultaneously, which have in their arsenal of treatment for liver (Risur, Holy Moses), as the result will be minimal. Lotus close on the spleen give Craon (Dzhilius), leaving an arc. In the fourth the fifth chakra, if necessary, giving a surplus of frequency (at the closed lotus). Cuts are not doing as well as the spleen have to pump frequency. KURF frequency is related to the energy of the brain used for normalization of intracranial pressure and work with your vision, as an auxiliary in the work of the fundamental frequencies to the vision of ranula and Suri-Sanlay. Rectification of the skull bones of the child in cases of head of the curve as a result of birth trauma and other causes. The work is carried out, provided the fontanel is not overgrown. Contactless. With closed fontanel will be in great pain. Lotus without touching. Ejection is complete. When intracranial, intraocular pressure, glaukomerabotaem floor contact. Get up from behind the patient, keep your hands, palms up (small boat) in the ears. The lotus is open to a flow of energy. If necessary, to increase the outflow of energy, open the chest (push the shutter, as in hypertension). Release the patient with an open lotus flower (you can open lotus and breast). Lotus closes when power begins to wane, the chest closes healer. If after removal of intracranial or intraocular pressure (frequency Kurf), there is a need to work directly with the eyes (by \u0026quot;eye to eye\u0026quot; frequencies ranula or Suri-Sanlay), further work is carried out after the close of the frequency Kurf. It should be borne in mind that the frequency does not close completely, so some frequency mixing occurs. When working \u0026quot;in the eye\u0026quot; while the frequencies Kurf and Suri-Sanlay ranula or no effect. NINALIS is used in heart disease, flu, allergies. In the treatment of cardiac work with the fourth chakra (chakra normalize the work). Cured of any diseases of the heart, including heart disease. Contact heart rate Ninalis only work after a heart attack for resorption scars. At the heart of the arc do not leave, a big load. If you need to leave the arc, then the weak. During a heart attack at the 4 th chakra to any frequency (even eyes). Attack ceases. more, deny, or are working in tandem with a psychiatrist. Frequency is not close. RISUR Treats kidney, liver, all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (infection, poisoning, dysentery, cholera, etc.). Duplicates the frequency of Holy Moses. In this case (as is the case with frequencies Craon, Dzhilius) should listen to the information frequency. At GIT many overlapping frequencies, so you should pick the appropriate energy. If on the 3 rd session of pain is not gone, you have to change the frequency. Risur working day. Suri-SANLAY, ranula is also paired complementary frequency. Ranula - a shock frequency. Sury-Sanlay-soft, enveloping. Work to improve the view. Necessary condition for the work to improve the view, is the change of patient glasses in glasses with a decrease to 0.25 diopters. Glass must be of good quality. Should take into account the factor that we have one eye working, another subsidiary. The difference between them is about 0.25 diopters. Taking into account this factor should be replaced glass. If the healer\u0026#39;s vision problems, then the healer to improve his view, also changing the glass. Change of glasses made in about 2-3 weeks, depending on the patient\u0026#39;s energy. At this time, the lens hold in a particular state, working with the patient through the day. When the patient begins to see as well as in the old glasses, glasses are changing. At the first session comes with glasses in the 0.25 diopter less. Work \u0026quot;in the eye, you can with glasses or without them, does not matter. When working \u0026quot;in the eye\u0026quot; healer looks at the patient\u0026#39;s distracted gaze into the center of the head behind the eyes. The frequency at the same time is absent. Work continues until the cramps, the feeling of sand, heat. Work is done in a day. Glaucoma works best ranula. You can alternate the Suri-Sanlay and ranula. Raun Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. Duration 40 minutes at a closed lotus. Pump the aura of the patient. Prerequisite for obtaining the result is the patient\u0026#39;s request. Smoking. After 2, 3-session appears uncomfortable sensation in the mouth. A man is hard to quit, if the woman in the house smokes. If a healer wants to quit, then open the frequency to any person who does not want to quit smoking or drinking, but the effect will be a healer. Alcoholism is a disease. In normal operation, the frequency can lead a man that he would drink moderately or completely give up. Should take into account the factor of friends. The results of the photographs of 50%. To improve the efficiency of the make \u0026quot;Board of Honour\u0026quot;, ie attach to the photo paper and give some patients the frequency for 40 minutes or the Board of Honour \u0026quot;to put in the place where she would always fall on the eyes and occasionally give her a hand frequency. When charging the vodka, beer bottles are not opened. Charged frequency Raun alcohol causes discomfort and vomiting. Addiction. Indian hemp, marijuana, marijuana does not give addiction. If you decided to throw, throw, and so. When heroin use is removed completely breaking for 3-4 days. To work every day. The first day of break-up can be removed completely, but it is advisable not to do so. Addict should be cleaned 2-3 weeks to work with the liver and lungs. If the addict broke and came a second time, we will treat it again, when you contact him for a third time for treatment can not accept, otherwise it will use the healer to remove the break-up when they can not get the drug. At the use of psychotropic drugs, we must first find out how long the patient uses them. If the term of use of psychotropic drugs is not more than 6 months, then take to heal, if more, then refuse or are working in tandem with a psychiatrist. Frequency is not close. RISUR Treats kidney, liver, all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (infection, poisoning, dysentery, cholera, etc.). Duplicates the frequency of Holy Moses. In this case (as is the case with frequencies Craon, Dzhilius) should listen to the information frequency. At GIT many overlapping frequencies, so you should pick the appropriate energy. If on the 3 rd session of pain is not gone, you have to change the frequency. Risur working day. Suri-SANLAY, ranula is also paired complementary frequency. Ranula - a shock frequency. Sury-Sanlay-soft, enveloping. Work to improve the view. Necessary condition for the work to improve the view, is the change of patient glasses in glasses with a decrease to 0.25 diopters. Glass must be of good quality. Should take into account the factor that we have one eye working, another subsidiary. The difference between them is about 0.25 diopters. Taking into account this factor should be replaced glass. If the healer\u0026#39;s vision problems, then the healer to improve his view, also changing the glass. Change of glasses made in about 2-3 weeks, depending on the patient\u0026#39;s energy. At this time, the lens hold in a particular state, working with the patient through the day. When the patient begins to see as well as in the old glasses, glasses are changing. At the first session comes with glasses in the 0.25 diopter less. Work \u0026quot;in the eye, you can with glasses or without them, does not matter. When working \u0026quot;in the eye\u0026quot; healer looks at the patient\u0026#39;s distracted gaze into the center of the head behind the eyes. The frequency at the same time is absent. Work continues until the cramps, the feeling of sand, heat. Work is done in a day. Glaucoma works best ranula. You can alternate the Suri-Sanlay and ranula. Frequency can be given through the hands. Glaucoma to cut energy and extracts from the eye by \u0026quot;a motor-well.\u0026quot; Results of cataract can be tracked on television for the Advancement of view seems to be the selected font at the same distance. Treatment of skin diseases. If skin diseases provide an infection in the lymph, blood cure. It is - primarily the liver (Holy Moses Risur). On the spleen or give Craon Dzhilius to the abandonment of the arc. Allergy-select the frequency of Suri-Sanlay (soft), or the Holy Muhammad (drums), Ninalisom work is rarely, if is a hint of the Midi. The lotus is open. Recommend patient sponge oneself down with fresh urine (from 10 minutes to two hours does not wash off). Infectious sudamen-sponge oneself down with fresh urine. Weeping eczema, suppurative disease. Working the floor contact. In rare cases, leave the arc. The lotus is open. Gangrene. Usually happens in the presence of diabetes. Total energy launch of the chakras. Removing bindings. Run the floor contact with the abandonment of the arc. Each disease has its behavioral functions. Behavioral function for gangrene leads to suspension of the fourth chakra, so 2 times a day should keep the 4-th chakra. Treatment for gangrene begins, when a boundary layer. Frequency boundary layer dragged down. Before the advent of the boundary layer give the frequency of Suri-Sanlay to prevent the defeat of the tendon. Duration of treatment for at least 6 months. In the initial stages of gangrene can be cured by the popular way. Hot liver cow or bull (at the time of slaughter) cut and pribintovyvayut on the affected area. As a rule, the next day, everything goes. HOLY BUDDHA following four frequencies in its name contains the word saint. It should be understood that these energies to the identity of the saints have no relationship, only indirectly. This is a healing energy. Frequency of Saint Buddha works on a hernia, scarring, post surgical scars, broken bones, joints, stomach and digestive tract tumors. Scar. Working the floor contact. Scar begins to unravel, restored pigmentation. You can leave the arc. The incisions do not need. We need to give energy and not pick her up. HOLY JESUS \u200b\u200brate works for the treatment of joints, throat, colds, normalization of pressure, temperature reduction. Treatment sustavovprovoditsya semi contact and contact. When the treatment effect is non-contact, but not so positive. Polyarthritis. Treated for six months. Hands: we treat the contact as usual. You can put your hands on the table and work with two hands simultaneously. Similarly, working with his knees. Plant patient and work on two knee contact. Arc can leave immediately to the two tribes or two hands. After one and a half months the pain go away completely, even if his fingers double up. When the pain is gone, the time between sessions can be increased. HOLY MOSES frequency works on the respiratory tract, liver, kidney, stomach, cancer of the stomach. Patients with fourth stage cancer of the stomach to take is not necessary. Respiratory tract, lungs (including cancer, tuberculosis, inflammation), bronchi laying hands in turn on the bottom and top of the lungs to the abandonment of the arc. After the pneumonia is often a heart attack. Bronchitis - the imposition of hands on his chest, to work every day for three days. When inflammation of the lungs to break frequency. Left hand on the light from behind, right hand beat on the left (his) hand, the frequency at the same time goes through the hand tremors. Kidney, liver, stomach (including stomach cancer) are treated with laying on of hands. The frequency of mild, so the liver and kidney functions as revitalizing. HOLY MOHAMMED frequency works on all types of allergic diseases, wound healing, destruction of warts, and Wen, the destruction of the hair in unwanted places. Allergy rate is universal, if not, then replace it on Suri, Sanlay or Ninalis although Ninalis rarely used, only the tip of Information frequencies. Wound healing. With the wounds of a traumatic nature, you can work each. day can be 2 times a day. Well-treated fresh wounds, to work the floor contact. Badly treated by chemical, electrical burns (to work better Farun-Buddha). Moles, borodavki.Rodinka on the leg. Zaschepit fingers as if squeezing it. Miss rate. You can work through the eyes of non-contact. After working on the wart or mole do the energy section. Birthmark on the leg that does not have a brown head, removed more complicated. Moles related to oncology, generic mole is not removed. When you work with the Holy Muhammad can be painful, mole remains in place, but the outflow of energy dries foot (the frequency is a mole and have nothing to eat), and after a while it falls off by itself. Wen deleted Holy Muhammad and frequency Shaon.  

 Shinrah, SINLAH Frequencies omolozheniyazhenschin (Shinryû), men (Sinlah). Sinlah and Tata (magical power), frequency of hormonal background, working with hormones. Weight loss, potency URAL rate works against the common cold, influenza, meningitis. Colds, respiratory tract, throat - warms the lungs and throat by hand. Influenza. The incubation period of 21 days. We manage three dnya.1den - general session. Contactless Urals. If the patient is sitting - 30minut.2 day - a crisis, or better. On the third day of anchoring the result. Meningitis, 40-60 min Ural-contact, preferably 2 times a day. FARUN frequency used for scoliosis, salt deposits, polyarthritis. Total energy. After the session, energy massage the spine, punching frequency. The lotus is open. Polyarthritis. Work six months of contact. The fingers should not touch the healer. You can hand the patient put on the table and work with both hands simultaneously. On your knees, you can work with both individually, and with two at once. Additionally, given the frequency of Holy Jesus. When dealing with arthritis pain pass, but the joints are bent. If the pain disappeared, the patient does not let go. Within 2 years of patient watching, giving him total power. With back problems, 7 minutes after the beginning of the session, the patient begins to make you lean forward and pulls his hands full. Under the frequency of the slopes to do better than usual. The back stops aching, but it sore muscles. Plot spine from the neck down (thoracic), the least mobile, so there is more energy produced jams. This site breaks Farun frequency. 

SHAON frequency has a decomposing property. In tandem with Firastom present in the treatment of 95% of diseases. Above the third chakra Shaon works as frustrating and cleaning, below - it breaks, cleaning and treating. Firast vice versa. In the treatment of liver, kidney, rectum, gynecology, urology present Shaon. Rectal cancer - Firast and Shaon together without contact. The main function of frequency Shaon - breakdown and removal of stones and sand. ZEUS energy of the gods of Olympus, the frequency of a universal, valid for all diseases and increases the effects of other frequencies. Used to run the chakras together with Firastom. 

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